Property Law

Property Law

Our Property Law experts provide our clients with guidance and advice on all matters relating to Property Law, always working towards the most beneficial outcome for you.

Sectional Title Schemes

No matter your sectional title concerns, we are able to assist you. From purchases and sales, the planning of developments, the creation of a sectional title register, the management of body corporate rules, dispute resolution, down to the considerations pertaining to undivided property shares, we can provide you with expert guidance and advice regarding your sectional title needs.

We assist our clients with property developments through trusted guidance and advice, as well as the drafting and submission of all relevant documentation with the appropriate authorities. We also assist with the establishment of township structures, and the consolidation and subdivision of immovable property.


When it comes to servitudes and the granting of limited use and rights, legal guidance plays a vital part in the final success of the agreement, where each party’s needs are catered to.

We assist our clients with the registration and cancellation of servitudes, taking care of the relevant documentation and Deeds Office registrations, while providing you with guidance relating to the legal as well as practical matters throughout the creation of servitudes.

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